Audit for environmental liability after an industrial accident

Environmental liability is typically an issue after an industrial accident. In this case we were appointed to assess the environmental liability after a large industrial accident (fire) in Greece on behalf of an insurance company.

During this assignment a methodology was constructed in order to acquire all the appropriate data. This methodology was divided into three stages: a) desktop study where all the files were reviewed, b) environmental audit during which the plant was visited, the key employees were interviewed and the environmental background of the area was determined, and c) technical reporting, during which all data were elaborated, the conclusions were drawn and the deliverable was written, reviewed and submitted to the client.


Environmental management system audit in a minerals company installations

We are very proud of participating in the audit team for a detailed environmental management system (EMS) audit in one of the world’s biggest minerals company installations in Greece.

During this assignment we followed our client’s methodology and we identify all those situations implying environmental risk during the production and the storage processes. In particular, we reviewed files and processes as well as every day environmental practices and finally we recommended, whenever possible, necessary improvements. All these were finally presented to the client and the auditee.

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