Εnvironmental consultants with more than 20 years’ experience.

From research to implementation, having in mind the sustainability of the solutions proposed.

We Safeguard The Environment

Εnvironmental consultants with more than 20 years’ experience.

From research to implementation, having in mind the sustainability of the solutions proposed.


Ιntegrated Environmental Management Services

Services & Solutions

Our vision is to provide integrated environmental management services, from research to implementation, having in mind the sustainability of the solutions proposed.

Environmental management system

Focusing on the clients’ needs we develop and operate either tailor-made environmental management systems (EMS) or systems based on international standards (such as ISO-14001) to reduce the clients’ environmental footprint and save valuable resources, both during the construction and the operation phase of the projects.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Soil and groundwater contamination is one of the most significant environmental risks that companies may encounter with significant financial and legal implications. We support our clients to determine the environmental risk of their potentially contaminated sites, conducting Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) following either tailor-made protocols based on the clients’ needs or international standards (such as ASTM). Finally, we also support our clients by preparing the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) Baseline Report of their plants, based on the EU and Greek legislation.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the key stage of any environmental permitting procedure. During this procedure we elaborate the appropriate studies and we closely cooperate with authorities supporting the clients’ needs by providing with additional information and alternative sustainable solutions. Our clients come from a wide range of different sectors (public authorities, various industries, consulting companies etc.) and our project portfolio is filled with diverse projects such as motorways, industrial plants, quarries, resorts, hospitals, WWTPs etc.

Environmental legislation

Environmental legislation is the key part of any environmental license procedure and a very important information for planners and investors. We are closely following the EU and the Greek environmental legislation, and we are able to prepare legal registers based on our customers’ needs providing them with a valuable decision-making tool.

Waste & wastewater management

We can design domestic and industrial waste and wastewater management systems, recommending the most sustainable methods and tailor-made schemes always based on customers’ needs. Regarding wastewater we are capable of providing services including wastewater reuse (e.g. for irrigation) according to the local conditions and the Greek legislation. On the other hand, we can also support our clients in management of several different waste streams, such as construction demolition wastes (CDW) and hazardous wastes, preparing management plans from business to regional and national level.

Environmental compliance

We provide the service of the Environmental compliance to several different sectors and clients, on behalf of the industrial plants themselves, parent companies or on behalf of third parties, such as insurance companies, future owners etc. Within this context we conduct audits and prepare technical reports according to the legislation and the customer’s needs.

WWTP operation

Having long experience in laboratory analyses and in full-scale wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) operation, we can support our clients by monitoring and operating domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) on behalf of our customers in order to comply with their environmental license and the EU and Greek legislation.

International projects

We are participating in international projects such as the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of a highway in Albania and the preparation of the industrial hazardous waste management national plan of a Balkan country. In this context we strengthen our clients, such as international donors and consulting companies etc, with our sound and wide environmental expertise.

Research and development

We are constantly participating in research projects producing new scientific data on environmental subjects, such as soil and groundwater contamination and wastewater treatment. Most of these data are being published in prestigious scientific journals and presented in international conferences.

Environmental Protection Services

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